Notestone County Sanitary Service

Septic Tank Pumping in Ross County, OH

From simple checks and full cleanings the experienced team at Notestone County Sanitary Service is your one-stop-shop for all your sewer and drain cleaning needs in Chillicothe, OH. We use the latest equipment and techniques to investigate problems and provide effective solutions for customers of every kind.

Our Customers

Homes, businesses and factories all use their waste systems in very different ways. We keep residential, commercial and industrial sites smelling fresh and clean, ensuring that your waste system is out of sight, out of mind.

Our Experience

Notestone County Sanitary Service has decades of experience working on all kinds of sites and waste systems throughout the Chillicothe, OH area. First founded in 1956, we remain a family owned and operated business who provides a tradition of friendly customer service from generation to generation.

Our Work

The most important part of your waste water system is the part that makes sure the waste is carried away from your home or building safely. That includes checking and cleaning out your sewers and drains, as well as cleaning your septic tank. Rely on the professionals at Notestone County Sanitary Service to take care of this essential service!

Septic tank pumping in progress in Vinton County, OH

EPA Certified Waste Water Collection and Treatment

When you need service that is reliable and professional, go with the company that's been serving the Chillicothe area for generations. Notestone County Sanitary Service is licensed in Ross and Vinton Counties for septic tank service as well as being EPA Certified for waste water collection and treatment

Service You Can Count On

Whether you have a septic tank system or are hooked up to the sewer system, Notestone County Sanitary System can help you. We check, clean and maintain your waste removal system from start to finish.

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A Community Business

For over 65 years we've been proud to be an important part of Chillicothe, OH's community. After all, our services not only improve the lives of our customers, but they affect the health and the quality of living of our entire area. It's a big responsibility and we do our best not just to meet expectations but to surpass them.

Making Your Appointment

Is your septic tank due for an inspection and cleaning? Are you worried your system isn't as efficient as it used to be? Then call Notestone County Sanitary Service today for an appointment with one of our experienced, licensed representatives.

Video Inspection

We use a video camera pipe inspection to determine the condition of your current septic pipe. This allows us to get a better look at what may be causing problems for your septic system. Using the camera, we can explore possible blockages or damage that slows or clogs your system.